My feedback from clients

Sarah B:

"I don't think I could survive without my massage now. I started seeing Gill about 10 years ago and massage has reduced my migraines to a very occasional one."


"I am a middle aged male in a demanding job and find it difficult to relax, suffering with lower back problems which cause disturbed sleep. I visited Gill for several Holistic Massage sessions and immediately found my sleep pattern changed for the better. Gill did some marvelous deep muscular manipulation work on my lower back and through her knowledge and experience identified other areas of my back which had been affected. Gill really put me in touch with my own body, helping me to learn to relax and gave me some great ideas for muscle stretches and posture. I never realized that massage could play such an important role in my quality of wellbeing."

Sue L:

"I visited Gill regularly for Holistic Massage to help me through a very stressful period in my life. Each time I received a truly wonderful experience of connecting with my body through touch and releasing built up muscle tension, easing many knotted areas. I have also suffered with sciatica since my 5 year old daughter was born and Gill has done some excellent deep massage work to relieve the pain in my right buttock down my leg into the heel of my foot. I was amazed at the power of massage and the positive impact it has made in my life. Gill is a thoroughly professional practitioner and gives me a great feeling of calm and comfort which has lead to my own self-healing work."


"My muscles tense and tighten with the stresses of daily life, but a wonderful relaxing massage by Gill soon transform them as they are 'ironed out' by her experienced hands and I leave feeling all is well with the world again."

An editorial in the Wotton-under-Edge Directory:

Gill Ayshford is a local therapist with 15 years experience working with holistic massage, reflexology, Indian head massage and Reiki. Recently I took my tight, tired and aching body for a treatment and walked away feeling looser, softer and very inspired.

Welcomed into her therapy room, which is adjacent to her home, I felt immediately at ease as Gill asked me about myself and talked about what her massage might offer me. We discussed my particularly sore right hip and agreed a session that would focus on easing the pain in my hip whilst giving me an overall feeling of relaxation.

Gill started her career after bringing up her 3 children and it's obvious why one of her specialities is antenatal and postnatal massage along with baby massage tuition courses.

Gill's skills and business have grown organically since 1997 when she first fell in love with reflexology and trained to become a practitioner. She says it's referrals and word of mouth that keep her phone ringing.

Lying quietly for a few minutes at the end of my session, I felt nourished and rested, like I'd stopped the world and found time to get in touch with myself again.

A wonderful feeling! It's no surprise that ninety percent of Gill's clients book treatments regularly. Knowing how a hectic life can get in the way of important calls, I made sure I arranged my next session before I left. Now I'm counting the days until I can go back.