Do you have neck pain?

Neck pain - massage and tuition

Here we are talking about pain arising from the neck, that is felt across the shoulders, into the shoulder blades or the upper or lower arm. Pain coming from the neck can also be felt in the hand, and symptoms such as pins and needles or numbness can be experienced in the fingers.

Pain can appear in the neck from prolonged overstretching of the muscles in that area, which arises particularly when we develop poor postural habits. This may occur when sitting with poor posture for a long time, sleeping with your head in an awkward position, or working in a strained position eg. long periods of time at your computer.

Massage can help relax the muscles and nerve fibres of the neck and shoulders, relieving muscular tension and fatigue, which can then improve flexibility and posture.

There are certain movements / exercises you can perform yourself in order to ease, or even stop the pain. I offer tuition sessions to enable you to take control of your own recovery. Together with massage you can start to become aware of your own habits relating to your posture.

It is possible to alleviate neck, shoulder and arm pain.