Is sleeping a problem for you?

Insomnia - how Reflexology can help

Insomnia refers to difficulty falling asleep, as well as the condition of waking up prematurely - or a sleeping pattern punctuated by frequent periods of wakefulness. Reflexology techniques provide a pleasant and natural method for achieving the balance and relaxation needed for healthy sleep.

Reflexology helps to clear away the stress and turmoil of everyday life so you can gain healthy, restful sleep. Reflexes on the toes correspond to the brain, the centre of our sleep, so these reflex points are given special attention when treating insomnia. Pressure on the toe reflex points will also stimulate blood circulation and increase oxygen absorption.

Working on the toe area will also encourage the hormone Melatonin to be produced. Why Melatonin? Because this hormone affects a person's sleep patterns, maintaining a balanced level is important for healthy sleep.